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Gardena Pump Sprayer 1 l

Varenr: 11112-20
Alt. varenr: 970462701

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Gardena Pump Sprayer 1 l


The Pump Sprayer 1 litre from GARDENA has many great features that will help you water your plants and flowers in your house and garden. For example, the additional opening with measuring cap offers you a successful 3-in-1 function catches the eye at first glance. Through this second opening you can easily fill the pump sprayer, add the correct dose of fertiliser and empty it again. No need to unscrew the pump head, which keeps your fingers dry. When you are using the sprayer, each press of the handle produces an even, long-range spray jet. The built-in 360° function ensures that no air is sucked in, even when the sprayer is held at an angle. When watering, you have the choice of using a full jet or a fine spray mist because the robust and high-quality full brass nozzle can be easily adjusted, so you can adapt to the needs of your plants. In addition, you always have the water level in view, as the container is made of a translucent material. The Pump Sprayer 1 l ticks all the boxes when it comes to operation due to its great ergonomics.



  • Varenummer: 11112-20
  • EAN-Code: 4078500051118
  • Kategori: Sprøytekanner
  • Ultrafin tåkespray: Yes
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